Tuesday, October 22, 2013

3 Online Comic Book Retailers

With the recent release of The Walking Dead #115, I wanted to get some of the blank covers for use in the Comic Book Covers 4 Cancer (#CBC4C) project.

Fortunately, my LCS was able to secure 4 copies for me... but with the news that #115 was selling out everywhere, I thought I should get as many as I can for the project. So, I turned to the internet to help me and I used 3 different online retailers that I've used in the past.

Within 30 minutes of making the decision to procure more blank covers, I had placed orders with Things From Another World, Midtown Comics and MyComicShop (aka Lone Star Comics). I thought this would be an ideal time to critique each service. All orders were placed on Friday, October 11th.

I've only ever had 1 issue with TFAW, and that was all because I misunderstood their policy about multiple covers.
  • The order I placed for #CBC4C was for 5 copies of The Walking Dead #115 (bagged and boarded). 
  • I received confirmation on October 14th that the package was shipped. 
  • I wasn't able to use the track # provided to find out where this package was.
  • Received October 17th. (To be fair, TFAW is less than an hour away from me... but I did not drive to pick-up the order.)
  • I placed an order for 3 copies of The Walking Dead #115 for #CBC4C. 
  • I tried for 5 copies, but either they didn't have the inventory or there was a set limit on how many I could purchase. 
  • There was no additional charge for bagging and boarding. 
  • I received confirmation on October 14th that the package was shipped. 
  • The tracking for this package said that it was projected for delivery on October 21st.
  • Received October 19th.

As regular readers of my blog already know, I have an affiliate account with MyComicShop so that I can earn credit on orders placed using my affiliate link.
  • I was able to order 1 The Walking Dead #115 and 2 copies of Wonder Woman #19 (bagged and boarded). 
  • The up-side is that I was able to use the remaining credit that I had accumulated.
  • I received confirmation on October 17th that the package was shipped.
  • On October 21st, tracking indicated that packed would be delivered on October 23rd. 
  • Received October 22nd.

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