Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Support Your LCS

Local Comic Shop (LCS)

In these times, many are turning to digital comics to read. Sure, these are often cheaper than what you could find in stores, but there are so many reasons now to turn entirely to digital:
  1. Buying from your LCS means supporting your community and small business owners. Yes, I know there are several bigger stores like Lone Star Comics (which, yes, I do support), Midtown Comics and Mile High Comics that have a brick and mortar store, but they also have a HUGE online presence. While I do not discourage going to these other less small business stores, I actively support the smaller businesses.
  2. Supporting you LCS also means helping out those who need it the most. There are some, like my LCS (Tony's Kingdom of Comics), that actively support local charities. I don't think that Comixology is holding FCBD events to help support your local food share or children's hospital.
  3. I don't think that digital comic retailers will have physical issues of comics for you to have your favorite writers or artists sign for your collection. This is another way to separate the readers from the collectors.
  4. At your LCS, you can have meaningful conversation when you go in to pick-up your comics. What do you get when you retrieve your digital comics? Download time.
  5. Customer service. I don't think I need to go into that.
  6. Diversity in selection of products. Yes, Comixology will have your latest issues available for purchase, but what if I want to find an issue you remember from your childhood that hasn't been brought to digital world? Also, perhaps you're also a collector of action figures, CCG cards, Heroclix or statues. Are you going to download those for your collection?
Don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan of computers and what they can do. I don't believe that you should put all your eggs (comics) in one basket (digital). Go find your LCS and buy some comics.


  1. I also wanted to share an article that my local paper did on my LCS owner. Check it out while it's available online.

  2. There is one aspect that you did not include in your reasons... "The personal touch." Digital retailers aren't going to hold specific things back for you, like posters, art, or even comics, knowing deep down that you will love it. Just saying... Tony rocks at that aspect of customer service. He gives it a personal touch.

  3. Not to mention, digital comics do not become collectible. Physical comics do.

  4. Great thoughts.
    I will say, I'm actually uplifted by the amount of subscribers still buying physical books while also buying digitally.
    I for one will always maintain some of my current subscriptions locally. (even if I have to cut back a bit since I have an 11 month old ;) )
    I download the occasional free digital, but could never give up the look, feel, and hell THE SMELL of my comics. =:xB