Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Crow

Title: The Crow

ISBN: 0878162216
Price: $15.99
Publisher/Year: Kitchen Sink Press, 1994
Artist: James O’Barr
Writer: James O’Barr

Rating: 4/5

One word for “The Crow” Paperback Graphic Novel describes this “Masterpiece”, author James O’ Barr’s Gothic tale of vengeance is both stunning and poet, and this classic graphic novel available in paperback. James O’Barr did the graphics and illustrations on the book himself.

Written and illustrated by James – The Crow, It’s a must read, Not only for fans of the movie, but for serious graphic novel readers a like.

It’s about a tragic tale of Eric Draven and his fiancĂ©e Shelly, who meet their horrific and untimely end, at the hands of a brutal street gang after their car breaks down. One year later Eric returns from the grave, after being shot in the head and paralyzed, to enact his revenge on those responsible for his and Shelly’s death, He cannot rest until all who stand in his way are severely dealt with.

The art work is both a combination of stark black and white comic book inking and fine watercolor dream sequences. The book also contains additional art work and poetry by both James O’ Barr, as well as others. So if you are a fan of dark Gothic tales such as Dracula and Edgar Allan Poe, this book is for you.

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