Sunday, February 13, 2011

Star Wars: Infinities – The Empire Strikes Back

Title: Star Wars: Infinities – The Empire Strikes Back

ISBN: 1569719047
Price: $12.95
Publisher/Year: Dark Horse, 2003
Artist: Davidé Fabbri
Writer: Dave Land
Collects: Star Wars: Infinities – The Empire Strikes Back #1-4

Rating: 3/5

What if Luke Skywalker had died on Hoth instead of being saved by Han Solo? How much would the story we’ve known for so many years have changed? In this trade, we find out one of the possibilities. The Infinities line from Dark Horse is hands down my favorite alternate stories I’ve ever read.

Because of a miscommunication in Luke’s dying words, Han Solo believes he has to go to Dagobah to learn to become a jedi. Fortunately, Leia goes with him and the story goes for a few interesting loops. What begins at Hoth then takes us to Bespin, Dagobah, Tatooine and then the final battle is on Dagobah. You’ll never guess who ends up being frozen in carbonite.

As with all the trades in this series, when I opened it to read, the pages separated from the cover. I have had books do this to me over time and with considerable use, but not straight off the shelf and never before an entire series of books from a single publisher.  The good thing is… as I’ve posted previously… when I reached-out to Dark Horse to inform them of this problem, they sent me a replacement copy with better binding.

Buy this trade and add it to your collection. There are 2 more volumes to enjoy as well.

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