Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fables: Witches

Title: Fables: Witches
ISBN: 9781401228804
Price: $17.99
Publisher/Year: Vertigo, 2010
Artist: Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha, David Lapham, Jim Fern, Adrew Pepoy, Craig Hamilton, Daniel Green
Writer: Bill Willingham
Collects: Fables #86-93

Rating: 4/5

And the series continues with this fine continuation. Now, we have to wait until Vertigo publishes the next installment to find out what happens next. As with each volume I’ve read, I can’t wait for more.

We start this volume at the wreckage of Fabletown with a tale of Mister Dark and how he was lured into the box that the empire had him trapped in for so many years; an interesting back story that will probably become a key for the future of our intrepid Fables.

And then, we come to the meat of the entire trade. There are several stories that help to create the backdrop of this trade. We have those that are trapped in the business office with Baba Yaga, the Fables in exile at the Farm, and the council of witches and warlocks within the Fable community; formerly of the 13th floor. In the business office, Bufkin the flying monkey takes charge and leads an army against Baba Yaga. Those stuck on the Farm seem to be getting a little stir crazy and would love nothing better than to go home. Unfortunately, every attempt to learn more about their new adversary comes up very short.

With the witches, we have 2 distinct focuses: Frau Totenkinder and Ozma. While Totenkinder leaves the Farm to prepare for the coming storm against their latest adversary, Ozma moves to take her place on the witches’ council. You’ll never guess who Ozma stands up against to claim leadership and who the surprise guest to the Farm is.

If you’ve been following this series as I have, you’ll be as eager as I am for the next installment. Bill Willingham has a great product in the Fables series. The next volumes will be out in April and October. It also looks as though Chris Roberson is writing a new Cinderella mini-series this year, which means the trade for it will probably be published at the end of the year or the beginning of 2012. Hopefully we will all feel that the wait is worth it.

Buy it. Read it. Keep it in your collection.

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