Sunday, November 7, 2010

1 year & growing!

Zanziber's 1st Year
2009 - 2010

I wanted to thank everyone who has been reading my reviews and those that have giving me support over the past year. I'm currently having ideas of expanding this out to other avenues. I will still be writing my reviews of trade paperbacks, but I would like to broaden the scope of people who have been seeing them. I have been posting many of my reviews on ComicCollectorLive, but I'm also looking at a few other established websites to promote/publish my reviews on.

The next big item on my list of year 2 is a sponsor. As I have noted, these reviews were based on 2 criteria; my collection and reader's suggestions. The number of trades that I haven't reviewed that are in my collection is slowly diminishing. I have been in contact with one of my LCS, and will be bringing the idea back to their attention soon. I do not get paid for these reviews. I do these reviews as a creative outlet. If I could possibly land a paying gig writing my reviews on a weekly basis, that would help support the whole process. The more disposable income I have, the better my ability to purchase more trades to add to the collection and more trades to review for the future.

As always, I am open for suggestions and enjoy receiving feedback. You keep reading here, I'll keep writing.

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