Sunday, April 4, 2010

G.I. Joe: Origins #2

Title: G.I. Joe: Origins #2

ISBN: 9781600106248
Price: $19.99 Publisher/Year: IDW, 2010
Artist: Chuck Dixon
Writer: Larry Hama
Collects: G.I. Joe: Origins #'s 6-10

Rating: 4/5

After reading the G.I. Joe volume 2 trade (also from IDW), the back story in Origins sheds light to the events that happened in the ongoing series volume 2. We get a little more insight as to why Mainframe went AWOL from the Joes, and why Snake Eyes is following his lead. Reading them both at the same time is actually quite interesting. The information from one is still very fresh in my head, and enhances the read of the other. Both titles work very well together.

Chuck Dixon takes the artist's reigns in this volume. Dixon adds a wonderful compliment to Hama's writing. IDW has done a great job of combining artists and writers who work well together to bring the story to life.

My only regret for this series is that they aren't publishing the trades fast enough. If I thought it were reasonable, I would promote a campaign to have these trades published every 2 months rather than 3 or 4. The continuity between this series and the ongoing is going to be interesting to watch. Marvel and DC both have had issues in the past with continuity, even in small series. Let's hope that IDW doesn't drop the ball. I feel that as long as Hama's helping out, they should be in good hands.

Pick-up this trade, along with the aforementioned companion series. You will not be disappointed.

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