Friday, January 29, 2010

The Death of Captain America

Title: The Death of Captain America

ISBN: 9780785128496
Price: $19.99
Publisher/Year: Marvel, 2007
Artist: Steve Epting, Mike Perkins
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Collects: Captain America #'s 25 - 30

Rating: 4/5

I have never been a fan of Captain America, but after I read Civil War and hear that he was killed, I was interested. Just like when they over-publicized the "death" of Superman so many years ago. I was on that bandwagon too. Even got #500 that year as a Christmas present from my parents. This trade took me a little longer to get to read.

It was well worth the wait, but I wish I didn't already know that he had already returned in some way or another. I was disappointed when and how they brought back Superman, so I'm not going to be reading anything about Captain America: Reborn. This trade made it well worth a little ignorance.

I can see why Ed Brubaker won an Eisner for his writing. This trade kept be glued and I didn't want to turn away. Brubaker brought me into the world of Captain America and made sure I didn't leave until the show was over. This story enthralled me enough that I purchased Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America to read. I know that Brubaker didn't write it, but I want to know what happened to other Marvel Universe superheroes because of these events. I hope that Jeph Loeb doesn't let me down. Since I have been a fan of Heroes, I doubt that I will be let down.

The art for this trade was well done. I had no problems discerning who was who, and it never felt too cartoonish like other trades I have read. The art flowed well, and I didn't notice if there were more than just a single person actually illustrating this story.

If you're a Captain America fan, you probably already have this trade in your collection. If the end of Civil War made you curious as to what happened next, this is well worth picking-up. If you're looking for another good read, I would definitely recommend this trade.

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