Saturday, November 7, 2009

Zanziber's Point-Of-View

Welcome to the initial posting for "Zanziber's Point-Of-View", a resource for non-biased reviews of graphic novels and trade paperbacks.

A little background...

I've been collecting comic books, action figures, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, trading/collectible cards for the past 25 years at this point in time. I have dabbled in both writing and inking comic books since graduating high school. Over the past few years, I have written a few reviews for role playing games on the local gaming store website,

Why blog?

I've been reading quite a few trade paperbacks recently, and I decided that I should start airing my views on them. This came about when I finished reading a comic book adaptation of a pop culture movie that had been released earlier this Summer. This will be the topic of my first review.

I have also been thinking about pitching the idea of a weekly column to the local newspaper, as they have published several articles on comics and graphic novels in the past. (They actually tagged me for an interview for one of them. I'll re-post the article here soon.) Perhaps, if this blog garners the following I am hoping to acquire, the newspaper will see a fruitful prospect in my idea.

I always welcome feedback. If you agree or disagree with my opinion, feel free to post your Point-Of-View.

Look forward to my first review soon, and thank you for reading.

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